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IYUME 8300 Massage Chair MP3 Negative-ion ZERO GRAVITY Full body3D BL

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Charcoal Black


  • Acupuncture device
  • Music synchronization
  • 3D roll 3D air massage
  • Negative-ion
  • Photocoupler Mechanism
  • Zero Gravity
  • All types of roller Massage modes
  • Patented Design
  • Scientifically Distributed airbags
  • Vibration
  • Triple Heating Therapy
  • Generation II Location tracking with LCD monitor
  • Whole body massage
    • Upper Back
    • Lower Back
    • Shoulder
    • Hand
    • Buttocks
    • Whole arm
    • Foot
    • Calf and more
  • Roller, Heat Therapy, Airbag, Vibration
  • Music, LCD



Negative-ion Anion Generator

Negative-ion Anion can play important role in cleaning air, reducing fatigue, activating of cells and tissues, strengthening the human immune system, improving the natural healing ability to prevent aging, reducing stress, decomposing collagen of human beings, etc.


"Zero Gravity" Button
A simple touch of a button on the CRESTA Zero Gravity Massage chair will transport you to position deemed by the U.S. Space Program as the body's most comfortable position for the human body. This is the form the body takes under micro-gravity conditions and is the least stress full, and most effective position to experience the benefits of massage.


Unique Acupressure points with 8 Airbags for arm Palm massage Design with Unique acupressure points

RT8300 It not just airbag only like other chair, Unique Acupressure points with 4 airbags installed on both sides of armrest provide multi-technique wave massage for arms. The innovative arm massage structure can give you delicate massage on your arms

SECOND Generation II Location Infrared tracking AUTO BACK DETECTION (i.e. PHOTOCOUPLER MECHANISM) with LCD Monitor

New Body location Infrared Scan can accurately detect different body shape and automatically scan your spine length to achieve an optimum massage position. all detail will show on the LCD Monitor, Most mode massage chair doesn't have LCD Monitor. which ends up in massaging the wrong parts all the time! Because you don't know where is massage hand and which style massage!

Natural silica gel Roller hand.

RT8300 Brand massage hand designed made by Natural silica gel 3D roller hands and it likes human hand touch feel, similar with a masseur’s exquisite massage skills, Beware : Most chair roller hand made by plastic roller hands on Ebay market ,


Heating therapy for your back helps relaxes the muscle aches, improves blood circulation, provides the best sensation especially during winter time. This function can be turned on / off from the console.


Vibrations Massaging incorporates the benefits of vibration technology with an advanced robotic massage system designed to emulate bodywork techniques used by massage therapists and professionals


This mode allows you to listen to your favorite music and massaged to the beat of the music! This mode incorporates the use of the chair's vibration system, air bags, and all the other modes above, So depending on the music, the chair will massage according to the music's beat.

Airbags installed on both shoulders

Nowadays, people often work in front of the computer in a same posture, which may cause ache on shoulder due to ligament aging. This new product can provide comfortable air pressure massage on shoulders, and can effectively relieve fatigue and eliminate ache on shoulders.

"W" Shape design Massage mechanism for buttocks and thigh part

Two airbags installed at the bottom of the seat provide swaying waves massage to thigh and buttock , meanwhile, it can also provide vibration massage on perineum which can effectively relieve hemorrhoids and other diseases. Strength and intensity can be adjusted in 3 degrees.


8300 lady

Foot Operated retractable leg rest

To meet the needs of people with different heights, the user can use their feet to adjust the leg rest. The leg rest can be stretched can by 20 cm which can ensure that foot can be close to footrest and healthy. 3 levels of massage strength are optional for leg massage.

Music synchronization Design

The design perfect combines massage and musical rhythm and melody so that you can easily integrate your favorite music with massage skills to get your body better relaxed. also help you feel deep sleep. Nice Massage always with Nice Music!!!!!



This chair is covered in synthetic leather all the way from the top to the bottom seat rest, and even around the side outside of the arm massage to give it that extra Luxury feel and touch. Synthetic leather lasts longer than real leather, and is easier to maintain.

SEVEN European safe design of motor

There are SEVEN European safe design of motor with a low voltage of 24V built into this chair. Certification: CE/EMC/GS, SAA, ISO9001. This chair has undergone voltage testing, insulation testing and static testing and is fully compliant with Australian standard.

Total a number of FIFTY TWO Airbags in patented air system

There are in total a number of FIFTY TWO Airbags in this chair. 4 for shoulders,8 for hands,14 for legs,14for feet, 12 for seat, Together with the patented 3D air massage technology this creates a new level of Human touch feeling of massage by a massage chair.

NOTE: Some assembly for this chair is required to reduce the carton size of the shipping carton. Full instruction on how to assemble is provided inside detail of Use manual

NOTE: Some assembly for this chair is required to reduce the size of the shipping box. Full instruction on how to assemble is provided in great detail.
Model Number: Iyume-8300
Voltage: 220V
Consumption: 200W
Dimension: 520x1050x740 (mm)
Time Setting: 15-minute automatic timed shutdown
Colours Available: Black, Grey
NW: 128kg
Dimension of Carton A: 1520x1050x740 (mm)
Dimension of Carton B: 900x40x40 (mm)

This massage stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and loosens tensions. At this the masseur fingers the skin and the musculature between his thumb and fore finger and kneads the whole back constantly.

This massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin of your back. The masseur performs a tapping move with his flat hand or fist on your back. The tapping is relaxing for the back muscles and therefore gives you new vitality. If the massage is used in the area of the lungs the tapping is expectorant and therefore constitutional.

Pummel : 
Massage the masseur loosens the back muscles with short , smooth , pummelling moves .It supports the blood circulation and relaxes the back again . this massage is very refreshing for your back .

With the shiatsu-massage the back relaxes due to the smooth and rhythmical moves. The shiatsu massages acts directly to the acupuncture points of your back, therefore relieves the back muscles and smoothens and relaxes your blood flow. Combining the two main types of massage to produce an effect of 2 masseuse's working together on the entire back area to give a full and invigorating massage.

Kneading and tapping :
Pressure is applied to either side of the spine, compressing muscles laterally. This relieves tension, loosens and stretches the muscles to prepare your back for a deeper massage as well as stimulating the circulation

Delivery is available Australia wide to your door in capital cities, or to nearest depot in regional areas.

Note that an able bodied person is required to be at home at the time of delivery to assist the driver in unloading.

The driver will only deliver the goods to the front door on the ground floor (or close to it), therefore it is recommended that you have a few people assisting you during delivery. Extra costs may incur if the delivery takes extra labour. Customer will need to pick item up from depot if no one is available at home at time of delivery, or a re-delivery fee will be incurred.

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guarantee We provide 12 months ONSITE warranty! What this mean is if you have any issues with your chair, you can call our warranty hotline, and a technician will help you troubleshoot your item. If they can't solve the issue over the phone, they'll send a technician to your home to sort out the issue!

This 12 months onsite warranty is INCLUDED with your purchase for no extra fee, because we want you to enjoy our chair and not have to worry about anything else!

*Please note that for any refunds, shipping is not refundable, buyer pays return shipping.

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